Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort



Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort 

Eco-friendly and sustainable tourism... preserving today for our children's future! Daytours in the resort, fishspa, cave pool, inifnity pool, restobar. Bantayan Island Nature Park & Resort is an 8-hectare wellness and leisure hideaway located in Tami-ao, Bantayan Island, North of Cebu province, Philippines.

The nature park showcases the local flora and fauna of the island. With its caves, pocket gardens and secluded nooks, guests can spend a quiet time with nature, relax and listen to a cacophony of birds singing in the background! The resort features a spring-fed cave pool, the biggest in the island! Please take note though, for all to enjoy nature's beauty and preserve it for generations to come, there are guidelines to be observed like wearing proper swimming attire and not to step on the rock formations.

There is also a wide expanse of white sand by the cliff side where guests can swim, jump-off for an island hop, engage in water sports (snorkeling, kayaking, boating, etc…) and even indulge into the rare pleasure of “"manginhas”" or edible-shell picking.

(Source: bantayan cebu resort)

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