Reptiland Adventure



Reptiland Adventure is the newest theme park located in Alfonso, Metro-Tagaytay. It is known for Reptile Animatronics, Haunted woodland, Mini Zoo, Team Building Amenities, Lifesize cartoon characters with still a touch of the Filipino culture. The mechanized zoo highlights the interaction with dinosaurs, turtle cracking its head, cobras, and crocodiles. As guests approach the animals, special sensors detect the body heat and the animals start moving.

This is Reptiland Adventure - the newest theme park located at Alfonso, Tagaytay.

We are known for Reptile Animatronics, Mini Zoo, Team Building Amenities, Lifesize cartoon characters (Sculpture) and Kultura (Bahay Kubo).

Reptiland is the newest theme park in Alfonso. This theme park features a local version of Jurassic Park complete with animatronics of dinosaurs and turtles. Aside from the dinosaurs, visitors can also enjoy life-sized statues of popular movie characters. There is also a mini zoo inside with live snakes.

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