Green Lagoon Park



Green Lagoon Park

Green Lagoon Park is a private resort with a swimming pool and various relaxing environment. This property is conveniently located in Canamucan, Compostela, Cebu  Province. It offers various facilities that cater to the needs of small and bigger groups. Green Lagoon Park is located around an hour from Cebu City, the capital city, by private vehicles or public transports. 

Children would surely enjoy the swimming with two slides, which is available from early morning until late – around 10 pm. The property’s facilities prove that it is convenient and friendly to family guests with children as well as adult groups. What is more is that the resort is fortunately located by the seaside. It means that you get both advantages – fresh sea breeze and spacious resort. However, resort guests seem to be enjoying more the swimming pool than the beach itself.

(Source: Traveling Cebu)

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