Making Traveling

Best Travel App for Most Visit Places

Making Traveling

Best Travel App for Most Visit Places

Some of the best features Of Our App!

Accredited Travel & Tours

The best travel app must suggest where to go first and how to move ahead in their journey. Turistara provides list of government regulated travel and tours services.

Geolocation Tracking

The best travel app must have GPS to track traveler’s location, nearby cheap hotel, nearby cheap restaurants and cafe, must visit places, and other traveler essentials. Turistara has these.

Booking and Ordering

The best travel app can book the traveler a cheap hotel, or order food or goodies from nearby restaurant, café or local stores, for dine-in reservation, pick-up or delivery through Turistara.

Trip Insights

The best travel app allows travelers to read feedbacks from other travelers. Turistara allows travelers to read the post or see the vlog of the actual experience of the other travelers.

Emergency Services

The best travel app includes emergency phone numbers and services so that travelers can access them when the need arises. Turistara endeavors to list these numbers.

City Transport Services

The best travel app informs the traveler of the transportation services particularly in a city. Moving around a city is quite frustrating and difficult, Turistara can be of help.


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This is what Turistara looks like:

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